Plan Your Group Retreat

1. Create a committee and set goals

Select people who represent a cross-section of your group and determine what you hope to accomplish at your retreat. Select two or more date options and estimate the size of your group. Discuss which Loch Leven facilities would best suit your group and contact us to find out what is available.

2. Determine if you would like program assistance from Loch Leven

We can add team building activities and recreation opportunities for your retreat, or design the complete program. (Additional charges apply.)

3. Begin Publicizing

Once the contract has been returned to Loch Leven with a deposit, start promoting your retreat to your organization. We recommend doing this at least six months before the retreat and requiring at least a 30% deposit from each person. This will deter last-minute cancellations and avoid penalties.

4. Organize a scholarship fund or some church fundraisers

Your group or its individuals may need assistance paying for the retreat. Get creative with fundraising ideas. It is possible for a “work in trade” agreement to be made ahead of time to help off-set the costs of your retreat. Contact Loch Leven for more information.

5. Look up the weather and pack accordingly

Weather in the San Bernardino mountains can vary from season to season, so be sure to look up the weather for Mentone, California as you prepare for your visit. Communicate our What to Pack list to your participants, and make sure everyone has directions to camp. Encourage carpooling if possible, and leaving early enough to miss the rush hour traffic in urban areas.

Hike to the Waterfall