Group Retreats

Loch Leven offers a variety of settings for your group retreat, organizational meetings or special event. Our facilities provide overnight accommodations, day use, meeting spaces and food service for up to 150 people. Meeting rooms are assigned to overnight groups based on size of group.

  • Overnight retreats for church groups, corporate teams, fraternities/sororities, and organizations of any kind
  • Day meetings or events for your committees, staff or group
  • Family reunions or family getaways
  • Weddings and other special events



Business Center under Stone Lodge 

Kitchen in Campbell Lodge


Beneath the dining hall is our business center and Lounge. There is a desk with a phone, a printer/fax machine, a full-size refrigerator, coffee service, couches, and wifi access available to all groups on site. Loch Leven is happy to provide some basic tools to help facilitate your retreat free of charge. Large volumes of copies, stamps, flip charts, etc. may result in an extra fee.


Loch Leven offers full-service breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your group, and can accommodate dietary restrictions. Breakfast includes a fruit and cereal bar and juice, in addition to hot food; Lunch and Dinner include punch or lemonade and salad bar. Milk and milk substitutes are available at all meals. Other options include snacks, s’mores, a juice bar, and a hot chocolate/cappuccino machine.

Guests in Campbell Lodge have access to a full kitchen and can work with the Loch Leven staff to prepare and serve their own meals. All guests (in upper and lower camp) are welcome to bring their own snacks. Avoid a lot of candy, cookies, and pastries which make people feel overstuffed and sluggish, and often lead to upset stomachs. Light snacks like pretzels and popcorn are recommended. There are guest refrigerators and microwaves available 24 hours in both upper and lower camp.