Intern Program

Loch Leven Summer Leader Internship 2019


Mission Statement:

The Summer Intern Program at Loch Leven is committed to providing opportunities for participants to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually, through service, education, and pursuit of individual goals. These opportunities are developed and nurtured within a diverse and supportive community.


The Summer Intern Program at Loch Leven is a job-training / life-experience ministry serving young adults (18+) in the PSWR. This residential program includes a full week of training (mandatory) followed by a minimum commitment of 2 weeks of additional volunteer service at Loch Leven. Participants will receive training specific to each area at the camp focusing on safety and industry-best practices. Interns will work closely with the summer camp program, providing support behind the scenes as well as within the program itself. Participants, with the help of mentors and Loch Leven staff, will define, refine, and pursue personal, professional, and spiritual goals. Regular meetings, in-services, and teambuilding will provide ongoing opportunities to evaluate and adjust individual, team, and ministerial activities. Participants will be given free time to rest, pray, and play.

Benefits to participants:

  • Life experience outside the home, yet still supported
  • Work experience and training in a variety of settings (including several certifications). The cost value of Training Week alone is approximately $850! (Interns who successfully complete training and volunteer a minimum of 2 additional weeks do not have to pay any fees.
  • Opportunities for spiritual introspection and growth
  • Increased appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes to make Loch Leven function (extends to home, church, school, town, etc.)
  • Increased awareness of career opportunities based on individual gifts and skills
  • Room & Board
  • Incentives (trips, gift certificates, etc.)

The Summer Intern Program at Loch Leven will
promote the following skill/knowledge sets:

Personal Skills: flexibility & adaptability, initiative & self-direction, social & cross cultural, productivity & accountability, leadership & responsibility

Applied Skills: critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity

Program skills: archery, tree climbing & ropes activities, crafts, guided hikes, small and large group activities, teambuilding, folk dancing, song leading, games, story-telling

Kitchen/Custodial skills: basic commercial kitchen tools, basic knife skills, dishwashing, commercial cleaning standards, introduction to hospitality management

Maintenance/Custodial skills: understanding MSDS, basic hand tools, intro to power tools, importance of daily and preventative maintenance

Job/Life skills: Emergency Action Preparation training, intro to risk management, resume building, effective interviewing, intro to careers in camping/youth development, effective peer review, office phone etiquette, filling out forms, strengths assessment

Interns are expected to:

  • Participate in a Leadership Training held June 20, 2016 – June 25, 2015. This is a mandatory event. Participants who cannot be here for the entire leadership week cannot participate in the summer intern program.
  • Volunteer 6-8 hours a day for 6 days per week for a minimum of 2 weeks after training week
  • Promote the camp and ministries in your home church and social circles
  • Serve in facilities maintenance and cleaning (kitchen, grounds upkeep, maintenance/cleaning, stewardship projects, etc.)
  • Be an appropriate role model for youth and others, and to represent the Region in the most favorable way possible
  • Attend weekly meeting with other interns to increase understanding of Christian leadership
  • Acknowledge and abide by all camp policies and guidelines (including times with no access to digital devices)!

Program Specialists

(returning interns or qualified applicants)

Program Specialists are returning interns who are ready to specialize in an area of expertise or a new applicant who has already been honing her/his skills and feel ready to develop and implement a new program for the camp. Program Specialists will work primarily in their area of expertise. These specialists will participate in a separate interview process than interns. Specialists will outline a proposal regarding their program and have an example prepared for the interview. More details upon request.

They are expected to:

  • Serve a minimum of 6 weeks in addition to training week. (A small stipend is offered to Program Specialists).
  • Serve a specific program need. Examples of Program Specialist roles:
  • Music (lead music related interest groups, help at talent show or worship)
  • Lifeguard or swim instructor
  • Arts & Crafts (plan age and site appropriate activities for interest groups)
  • Media (keep social media accounts up dated, take pictures and create albums for various sessions, organize a camp newsletter, etc.)
  • Sustainability and Natural resource education (continue to develop the ‘green’ practices and offer educational sessions utilizing the unique resources of Loch Leven
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