Our Mission

Provide a hospitable place for all people to renew their spirit, build connections, and inspire positive growth while experiencing the value of nature. We believe that your time at Loch Leven should be intentional because the bold mountains and serene streams provide a beautiful environment for you to get lost and find yourself.

Our Team

Our Foundation

Loch Leven is owned and operated by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)- Pacific Southwest Region (PSWR) which aims to promote unity, inclusion, and community. To learn more about the mission and vision of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)- PSWR, please click the link below. If you are interested in learning the history of the Disciples of Christ, please click on the picture.

Our Rules

  1. Respect the people. Respect the camp.
  2. Leave your cigarettes at home!
  3. Be responsible for the items you bring to camp.
  4. Listen to your leaders.
  5. Want to move things around? Let’s talk.
  6. Trash belongs in a garbage can, so make sure it finds its way there.
  7. Scoot past the small talk and spark meaningful conversations!
  8. Have fun, challenge yourself, and make new friends.
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